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23 Apr, 2024
Posted by Joseph Flowers
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All About Electrical Upgrades

A home electrical upgrade can make a big difference if it is done correctly. If you’re interested in doing the work yourself, there are a few things that you must consider. 

The Risks

Before you take on any type of job that involves electrical systems or wiring, you’ll need to learn the ropes. Even if you have some electrical knowledge, you still should not do the work alone. Safety matters the most, so have an electrician inspect everything when you’re done. If you do this, you’ll less likely encounter costly or dangerous problems down the road.

Why Your Home Needs New Upgrades

There are signs that mean that your home is ready for an electrical upgrade. You should definitely move forward with an upgrade if:

  • There are many exposed wires in your home
  • Your lights constantly flicker
  • You hear a buzzing sound in your electrical outlets
  • Your home was built many decades ago
  • You have to constantly reset your circuit breaker

Structured Wiring 

If you decide to move forward with the job, consider the benefits of structured wiring; it’s a smart way to integrate many elements together. For example, you can connect your lights, security system, and other components seamless using this method. Structured wiring is somewhat complicated, so you may need to hire a professional.

Fuse Boxes

Also, if your home has a fuse box, consider replacing it with a circuit breaker. Fuses boxes and circuit breakers are not the same. Circuit breakers are safer because they can control how electricity moves to appliances and other devices in a home.  

Outdated Outlets

The outlets in your home should be upgraded if they are over 20 years old. There are many viable options for new outlets, but if you want to be on the safe side, go with a GFCI outlet. These outlets are built to prevent shock, and they are primary placed in humid, high-risk areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Team Up With an Electrician

If there is a job that you cannot handle alone, help is just one call away. Just turn to Flowers Electric!